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Why doesn't cash tipping work anymore?

  • Tippers want to tip you, but don't have cash.
  • Cash tipping can be awkward.
  • Cash tips aren't secure.
  • Social customs limit tipping opportunities.
  • Credit card tipping has problems too.

How does Ziptip work?

  • Using the Ziptip app on their smartphones, Tippers scan your unique image, instantly transacting your tip.
  • Create and customize your unique image when you open your account.
  • Print your own or order products displaying your unique image at the Ziptip store.
  • Be creative and display your unique image on business cards, workstation stickers, T-shirts, temporary skin tattoos or on Facebook for instant karma tips!

How is Ziptip better than other ways to get tipped?

  • It's secure unlike cash.
  • Paid directly to you, not the tip jar or your employer.
  • Tips are instant unlike credit card tips.
  • No hardware required.
  • Opportunity for multiple tips from same Tipper.

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Here's a few more reasons to sign up today...

  • Low fees; Tippers pay just 3% of amounts tipped. Tip recipients pay the nominal PayPal fees.
  • Secure, instant tipping - tips are instantly and directly deposited to your own account; no waiting for credit card tips to settle or employers to allocate.

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Tippers: Open your Tipper account using the Ziptip mobile app.

Are you an employer?

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Ziptip provides value to your employees and customers by solving the many problems of tipping. Plus you'll never again get bogged down processing your employees' tip receipts.

Email to learn more about how we can easily implement Ziptip at your establishment.

We're in beta now so offering (for a limited period) cash incentives to employers to participate.

Want to talk about tipping?

Let's start a discussion about tipping - your experiences, both good and bad.

Tipping affects millions of people on a daily basis - let's start the dialogue!

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Tippers: Open your Tipper account using the Ziptip mobile app.

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