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Tip Recipients

Ziptip™ allows you to accept tips from anyone with a Ziptip Account, anywhere. All you need to show is your unique image!

  • No Change? No Problem!
    Don’t lose another tip because you can’t provide your Tipper with change. All the Tipper needs to have is their smartphone with the Ziptip Mobile Application installed, and a PayPal account.
  • Get tips whether or not you are with the customer.
    Even if you provide services when your customers aren’t around (such as housekeepers), just leave your unique image for the Tipper, who can give you the tip any time. The tip will go directly to you. Or, if you’re providing service to a busy customer, your customer can take one of your unique images and tip you at their convenience.
  • No need to wait for tips written on credit card receipts.
    When your customers tip through a credit card, you must typically wait until your employer allocates tips to employees at the end of a shift or day, sometimes longer. With Ziptip, you get the tips instantly.
  • Completely confidential, just like cash.

How to Get Tipped using Ziptip

1. Show Unique Image

Step 1: Show your unique image.

2. Tipper Provides Tip

Step 2: Tipper confirms the tip amount in the Ziptip mobile application.

3. Receive Tip

Step 3: Receive your tip. You're done!

Ziptip Tipping Tips

  1. Make sure that your Ziptip QR code or unique image is visible and easily accessible. You may want to wear it on a lanyard, put it on an armband, display it at your workstation, or create your own way to display it to your customers.
  2. Let customers know about Ziptip and encourage them to download the free Ziptip mobile application. Print out or order items printed with your unique image and hand them out to customers. Your customers can then download the mobile app and give you a tip at any time.
  3. Manage your own tips by having them deposited directly into your PayPal Account. You alone control your tip receipts.
  4. Tell your friends about Ziptip. The more people who know, the more tipping opportunities you will have.

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