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Ziptip™ allows you to tip any service provider with a Ziptip Account, at any time. All you need to do is scan the Tip Recipient's unique image using the Ziptip Mobile Application installed onyour smartphone!

  • No Cash? No Problem!
    No longer excuse yourself for a trip to the ATM simply to tip. Install the Ziptip Mobile Application on your smartphone and start tipping without cash using funds from your PayPal account.
  • Ensure your tips go to the intended Tip Recipient, even if you traditionally don't see them.
    Some potential Tip Recipients do their work behind the scenes (such as housekeepers), so you usually don’t get to see them. Scan the Tip Recipient's unique image to ensure that they are promptly rewarded for a job well done.
  • Easily track your tipping for your expense report.
    Your Tipping History is available immediately, right in the Ziptip Mobile Application.
  • Completely confidential, just like cash.

What kinds of service providers might you tip using Ziptip?

Babysitters ● Bartenders ● Butlers ● Casino employees ● Cafeteria staff ● Check-out clerks ● Coffee baristas ● Cruise ship employees ● Delivery persons ● Doormen ● Farmers market workers ● Fast food servers ● Food stand workers ● Gardeners ● Grocery workers ● Gurus ● Hotel bell staff ● Hotel concierge ● Hotel housekeepers ● Housekeepers ● Instructors ● Movers ● Musicians ● Restaurant workers ● Salon staff ● Taxi and limo drivers ● Teachers ● Travel agents and tour guides ● Yoga instructors ● Valet

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